20 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions of 2019


Marketing software is radical to be had for every ambitious business. The answer to “Why?” is simple: it saves time/money, provides accurate monitoring and brings higher conversion. Furthermore, it’s a splendid tool for reaching out directly to your target audience. To help you boost your brand’s success, we’ve prepared the list of 20 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions of 2019.

  1. ZeroBounce

A smart mailing tool. It cleans your digital address book from rubbish: fake, temporary emails etc. It knows your client’s name, gender, age and location.

  1. CleverTrap

Tool for analyzing preferences and behavior of the mobile app users.

  1. DailyStory

All-in-one package: Analytics, contact list, emailing, landing pages etc.

  1. SendX

Starting with $10 SendX offers unlimited email delivering for your company. Extra customization is included.

  1. Hey Oliver

Hey Oliver monitors visitor’s behavior in real-time, noticing in which website sections/products they are interested in.

  1. Notificare

This platform analyzes behavior and likes/dislikes of the clients, adding to it their geo-location. Plus SMS, email, Web Push support.

  1. Adobe Campaign

Allows fast and easy multi-channel campaign management + provides accurate datamarts. Adobe famous brand is a bonus, as it cares about its reputation.

  1. Moosend

Customizable tool, which reminds your clientele about abandoned carts, offers Cross-sell sequences and helps establish a steady fandom for your brand.

  1. Mautic

The platform breaks your clients into segments, according to their behavior/preferences.

  1. IBM Marketing Cloud

IBM Marketing Cloud

Serves for building up the database on your customers, manage it, direct targeted campaigns and more.

  1. GreenRope

Easy, illustrated and intuitive, GreenRope is excellent for getting analytical charts. It includes personalization tools, road maps etc.

  1. Riddle Quiz Maker

Easy-to-use platform for designing surveys, quizzes, poles.

  1. AdRoll

It allows you to stay in touch with both already existing and potential clients across all the platforms/devices.

  1. Tellody

A friend of small companies, it offers landing pages, quizzes, SMS/email support and sweepstakes.

  1. Jumplead

Bot-chats, automation, landing pages, email messages.

  1. Bizible

Track real-life profit back to the web marketing source.

  1. Akero

Instant tracking & conversion of the promising leads.

  1. cMercury

A marketing software strengthened with AI machine-learning.

  1. SharpSpring

Attention-grabbing visual forms, personalized messages, easy social media/CRM integration.

  1. Marketo

Drag-n-drop GUI, neat landing pages, CRM-integration, powerful analytics, social promo-tools and personalized emails.

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