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Инвестиционный супермаркет ACB (Investment supermarket Asset capital business inc. ACB) – это точка входа в необъятную вселенную финансов, где представлены лучшие предложения от prime brokers и лучшие котировки поставщиков ликвидности. Это удобство, экономия времени и самые выгодные условия торговли, доступные из любой точки мира.

Суть инвестиционного супермаркета ACB (ACB service)

Выбор брокера – сложная задача. Некоторые, например, предоставляют отличные котировки или условия комиссии и расчета, но не обладают необходимым набором инструментов для трейдера. Если раньше приходилось следить за брокерами и искать подходящие варианты, то благодаря ACB вам больше не придется тратить время на эти действия.

ACB asset capital

Инвестиционный сервис ACB сочетает в себе лучшие предложения на рынке и предоставляет доступ к ним клиентам независимо от страны, в которой они находятся и живут. Сервисные партнеры – крупнейшие поставщики ликвидности в мире, которые никогда не устанавливали такие цены напрямую розничным клиентам. Таким образом, доступ к ним вы получаете исключительно через ACB.

Because the ACB service provides the necessary volume to its counterparties, they, in turn, offer the most favorable conditions to the service clients.

ACB is an opportunity to work with premium liquidity now from anywhere in the world, not limited by the size of the deposit.

What are the possibilities of an ACB user?

Acb service – a wide range of trading opportunities:

  • Best asset quotes.
  • Flexible margin and leverage settings.
  • Own analytical platform and the most profitable offers of analytical services.
  • MT5 platform, adapted for users of Windows, iOs, Android.
  • Services-assistants for investors, including social trading, personal consultations with experts, portfolio investment, consulting.
  • Analytics and training.
  • Ability to purchase all of the above services remotely.

ACB benefits:

  • Immediate registration of personal account and account through the site under the offer agreement. Convenient and simple interface.
  • Immediate execution of a transaction. Through the built-in One-Click Trading service, opening a transaction takes place in one click.
  • One single commission for using the service in the amount of 10 USD per 1 trading lot. Charged directly at the time of the transaction.
  • No fees and charges when opening and closing an account.
  • Deposit and withdrawal without commission.
  • The fee for the use and maintenance of the account is not charged.

ACB asset capital-site

The interaction of users of the service with ACB partners occurs directly through the investment supermarket, which reduces to zero the risk of a conflict of interest – a frequent phenomenon during direct contact between the broker and the client.

With ACB, trading will be more convenient and affordable.


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08/01/2022 Reply

Well, there are so many assets in this marketplace. Trading with various categories is an efficient way to diversify a portfolio. Now I use metals and currencies though usually I prefer stocks. Thus, I can hedge against high inflation. Of course the financial goal is to gain as much as possible but some items are integrated to balance the solution in case of rapid value rise or fall in market. It is very good that I can afford it with ACB.


24/11/2021 Reply

asset capital business inc. helps me to invest in the assets when i did not know how to do it. you know, when there is no idea of financial markets but there is desire to gain a passive (investment) income. the service is considered as wealth management. the manager of this company did all dirty work including monitoring of markets, analyzing the global or industrial events, estimating financial results of emitters … first, we talked. he wanted to understand my goals. then, he built a strategy and presented it to me. i was impressed and satisfied with income.


05/11/2021 Reply

There are several reasons for trading here. I’d start with the beginning. Registration is very easy. You do not have to send your passport scans and wait for approval for a long time. They offer a brief online form to fill in. You are expected to mention your full name, date of birth, email address, and contact phone number. In a couple of minutes, you get a verification code and open your account. That is a very simple process. I’d recommend to read client agreement to know the rules. You’ll find it on their site.


27/10/2021 Reply

Do you know this investment platform? This is about social trading when you can copy transactions of successful signal providers. It is flexible and transparent. Everybody can succeed here even a dummy (I meant no offence). I am an experienced in financial markets, but I do use it and the service serves (sorry for tautologous argument) my needs properly.


20/10/2021 Reply

I like that they allow trading with indices. This consolidated asset helps avoiding stock risk or minimizing it. The most reliable tool which cannot be manipulated. It shows the global economic situation or industry-specific economic conditions that is why it is not so complicated to understand the trend and choose the strategy.


05/10/2021 Reply

They offer a very simple registration procedure. I opened an account without any difficulty. Just used their form to enter my personal data like full name, date of birth, and contacts incl. my phone number and email. Then I got a verification code in couple of minutes, continued and got access to all their features. By the way a demo account is also available.


25/09/2021 Reply

That’s definitely an advantage. Though, a lot of brokers provides access to this terminal, it is not guaranteed at all. There are some operators suggesting that traders should use their own software – you have to cope with it and feel disappointed mostly. But MetaTrader is perfectly designed and contains all tools you need and even more. I adore it and I am glad to find it here.


16/09/2021 Reply

It is simple to start trading here. I appreciate that. Also, they provide access to the best free trading terminal. There are all available versions of MT5 so you can look through the charts on the go or stay at home to research the market using your laptop.


05/09/2021 Reply

I can fund my account applying numerous options. The bank wire is allowed. You can use Visa or Mastercard to add money. There is a restriction for a single transaction – the amount should be less than $5ths. I usually prefer Tether which is also acceptable.


01/09/2021 Reply

I like all here. The web site is well designed and uncluttered and that shows their ability to create quality things. The trading conditions are very nice without strict limits. The offer of trading tools impresses. There are a lot of assets of all classes possible. The commissions are low and not numerous.


26/08/2021 Reply

The company is widely recognized but I, for one, have found them relatively recently and can judge on my limited experience. I agree that they provide favorable terms and conditions. There are tons of investment tools and ways to apply them. I mean, you can trade by yourself, using Copydeal (the platform for social trading with numerous options) or reach them out to get an expert’s consultation. There is even training but I do not know exactly what they provide within this service.


12/08/2021 Reply

They have many virtues but as to me the most invaluable thing is their wealth management meaning that they are too smart to be true )). I used to pay for this option and remained pleased. They focus on financial goals of a customer and apply their rich experience to suggest profitable solutions.


25/07/2021 Reply

I can prove that this is a good provider. But you can understand what I do mean only if you try. There is a demo account on their site. Just open it and start investing without depositing and losing your funds. Also, I’d recommend to read more reviews to learn different points of view. Though, you cannot rely on them completely, but still this is a source of information. Well, I’d say that I feel very comfortable here. They provide a wide range of tools, you can change them or choose several for a portfolio.


22/07/2021 Reply

Asset Capital Business is platform providing access to financial markets where you can get your passive income. There are stocks and currencies… anyway you need to know the factors impacting the share price to forecast it and count on gains. Of course, you should be skilled enough to understand a current trend. As to me, I’m fond of making analyses by myself. A company's share price usually moves in accordance with the external factors including the economic sector. That is why you can judge on the situation. If people prefer to hold the stock, the demand for it increases and the price get higher. It’s interesting. But if you do not like researches, they provide a kind of consultation including analytics and building of strategies.


14/07/2021 Reply

They provide access to many markets, investment instruments, and rock-solid background in the form of free analytics. But above all things I adore their customer support. The managers are polite, considerate and informative. They comply with all my requests at the first attempt.


07/07/2021 Reply

No hidden terms. Fast execution and very helpful support for clients – I’ve reached them once but still the experience is very positive. It is easy to deposit and withdraw funds- no problems and delays at all. That’s a reliable partner providing you with beneficial options and clear environment.

Edward Brownie

30/06/2021 Reply

The leverage is floating, and max. parameter is 1:1000. You can count on a friendly customer support available 24/7. The execution type is market execution. Commissions depend on the tool you choose. I think that the data can change, but while I am involved into Forex, I pay 5 USD. As to trading tools they are diverse and suit anybody to the ground. There are stocks and indexes, currencies inc.crypto and commodities. If you prefer metals, you’ll find silver, gold, palladium, platinum.


23/06/2021 Reply

i lke they suggest to open a free demo account tot try your strategies and learn the environment. you can do it at no risk to your funds. creating beter conditions for traders they have the best of a bargain meaning that the traders trust in them and stay to continue with real accounts.


18/06/2021 Reply

Actual Commercial Broker provides online investment and trading services. What I like here is that you can count on quite affordable fees. Also, they are considered safe because they are regulated by responsive financial authorities. Investing experience with them is driven by a well-designed trading platform – MT5. They have a wide-ranging trading instruments in their portfolio, meeting the needs of beginners and professional heavy traders. The minimum deposit is relatively low.

Bernard Show

10/06/2021 Reply

Asset Capital Business Inc. is a strong participator of the investment environment. They are really reputable and offer beneficial terms including numerous assets of all possible categories. I am personally interested in crypto currencies. That’s a source of huge profit (if you are lucky to have some bitcoins purchased three years ago at least). But this is not the only one. You can find the other high-potential crypto asset at a lower current price and uplifting forecast.


04/12/2020 Reply

This is a decent company. I know for sure. though now this is not a unique feature as far as brokers play it already fair mostly. But this one provides a wide choice of tools. That’s a real honeypot for a trader. You can invest into the stocks, indies or choose any commodity like crude oil, natural gas. There are also metals: gold, silver, and palladium. My pet fancy is currencies – they are too fluctuating but well predicted. that is my strong suit! Happy to have access to such a diversity.

Adam Joseph Wood

27/11/2020 Reply

The terms are favorable, the commissions are low, the terminal is available from any mobile device. I admire the offering – there are so many assets to invest in. Portfolio investment is a perfect tool to mitigate risks – I love it. Good news is the fast execution of orders. Wow! Trading is split second almost! I prefer stocks and here I can choose between a thousand emitters and try my strategies. Another advantage is withdrawal! And you can use your account without any charges. They are very kind, you know!


20/11/2020 Reply

consulting is not needed if you apply copy trading. not shit! you are able to trade on forex alone even if you are a beginner. just benefit from this strategy and follow the successful signal providers. ensure that you choose the reliable one, looking through his deals history and repeat their profitable transactions.


10/11/2020 Reply

We work hard 24/7 but all our efforts are paid. It is important to be satisfied, you know. In addition, the company provides us with all we need to render the quality services so that we could enjoy the process too.


02/11/2020 Reply

Listen, except for training provided by Asset Capital Business, I should be on losing side. Only now I can be sure to understand the market. I’m efficient and forget about hesitaions. It’s so important to buy in confidently without fears.


23/10/2020 Reply

I fyou have any concerns about your funds, try this company to protect money against crisis or the inflation or both. They provide asset management service and do it very good. help you to benefit from the current situation to the most extent and reach your financial goals. Stay safe!


15/10/2020 Reply

I like them. I mean her eyou can get a sound consultation, trade and just read the analytics which will enlarge your scope in the field. I can prove the high quality of their products and vailuable recommendations. Prices are affordable, the quotes are true.


10/09/2020 Reply

This is a decent organisation. Cross heart ;) Trading tools are numerous. There are commodities (I prefer),Forex, gold – a pool of metals actually. stocks and indexes in in great variety. You’ll get anything you are looking for here. I like it a lot!

Alex Alex


Bro, I shouldn’t wonder. If you trade with them, you are happy with the conditions. I’ve heard of Asset Capital Business a lot from my colleagues and have tried them recently. The platform runs smoothly. they allow to benefit from the quotes of leading liquidity providrs. I believe that I get the true prices for the assets. Additional thanking for the access to successful transactions I mean copydeal. This is a superb service for the likes of me, as I’m not a professional, just have some funds and what make them earn money for me. It is flexibile, suggesting me to choose following the results of its users which are displayed in a clear way.


21/06/2020 Reply

Is it true that they provide the best liquidity at the market … or at least approach to the really reliable liquidity providers I can have trust in? As far as I know they are well marketed meaning that traders make flattering remarks about them



Well. I do not dare ))) to give assurance… but the liquidity is quite high as I can judge… Big picture, I’m satisfied with offering and trade buying or selling on aperfect margin here. You should know Asset Capital Business is a investment supermarket. Thus there is no interference. And as you see there is a wide choice of variants considering 6000 assets they suggest. Hope you knos that there’s a consultating department . where you can ask for some professional assistance to be sure that the price is the best for you. They do quite detailed analysis of the market. Epxlain the stuff.


17/06/2020 Reply

Wow! They teach. Or rather here you can apply the particular product and benefit from copy trading enjoying the experience of the advanced treaders following their lead . Just choose the successful deals and connect to them . This is Copydeal. … just try it!


31/05/2020 Reply

I’’m glad to have access to MT5 here –terminal delivering all you need in trading to my opinion especiall when the broker releases the worthy references and information so that you can make the complete market forecast.


27/05/2020 Reply

they are rich in various tools you can use to perform a kind of …investigation. in the event you do not use the consulting assistance and try to trade being on your own. Though the consultations are cool too.


22/05/2020 Reply

Copydeal is available here. That’s a perfect solution for such as I am. You can skip out of analysis of the market and follow the successful traders or rather the profitable bidding. Enjoy investing without high risks. The ACB provides plenty of interesting options. you can find exactly what suits you.


25/04/2020 Reply

This place responds to my needs. Asset Capital Business delivers nice performance capabilities running in a smooth and stable manner. It gives me a chance to benefit from trading with the most known and reputable platforms choosing the bets terms…and various tradable products


12/04/2020 Reply

i am not experienced trader still enjoy investing following the other guys’ lead succeeding in some transaction. the service is known as copydeal. this is a kind of trading platform but focused on social trading. also here you can take pamm accounts and pump it for all it's worth. there are other interesting options. just spend some time to slice and dice and you’ll find a range of benefits. the interface is user-friendly you will not face difficulties to navigate. i love it indeed. and that’s great they suggest to apply it.


03/04/2020 Reply

I was surprised to find wealth management within this company. They do mean it being able to manage the asset on my behalf. Now im thinking of the option. If someone have tried it, please, share your experience


28/03/2020 Reply

Nice social trading service)тHere you can enjoy the copy trading service. It is nce and convenient. You probably know it. Copydeal. It is rather popular providing access to PAMM and other options. It can be used by investor who is looking for some effective stategy and a trader who wants to earn income delivering his experience. This platform is rather transparent and flexible It is easy to cope with its functionality due to user-friendly interface. Forget about making forecasts and taking efforts understanding market. Just look through the deals and choose the most promising one!


18/03/2020 Reply

You do not have to bbe the trader withing this company, but you are allowed to apply for some consultation. If you doubt which product should be invested in, yyou should ask the experts here. They are smart and sharp, you know, when every detail does matter and interpreted with a clear idea o f the true sense of the evetns.


10/03/2020 Reply

They are highly cordinated team providing the competent customer support which is able to facilitate the process and help to benefit from alltheir services and advantages.


24/01/2020 Reply

They are the best on the market. I have not seen such an assortment of tools anywhere. Plus no problems with the transfer of money.


13/01/2020 Reply

The broker offers good conditions and many tools. I get money on time. All good


19/12/2019 Reply

Thanks to the manager Oleg for professionalism. He helped to collect an investment portfolio. For 3 months received 12.5%.


10/12/2019 Reply

Finished a training course. Very grateful. There was a lot of information about the real experience of the teacher. Interesting


27/11/2019 Reply

ACB as a good broker market conditions are interesting. There is copy trading, it is very important for beginners.

Alex Voitek

15/11/2019 Reply

Satisfied with the trade! there are metals, stocks, currency pairs, cryptocurrency. A lot of everything. The terms of trade are excellent. And most importantly, everything is stable.


05/11/2019 Reply

For a year of work, I reached a stable income of 1.5-2000 dollars a month. I think it's great. This is my extra income!


24/10/2019 Reply

Stability in everything. It's about ACb


19/10/2019 Reply

that’s pretty enough for me to work with. it’s nt that i think i’s terrible or smth like that, but there’s just a prblem with feedback from platorm. it takes really long to tke out your money, so be prepared, ok


16/10/2019 Reply

They do not have MT4. I love this platform, but otherwise satisfied with everything


27/09/2019 Reply

It is difficult to evaluate the broker, because I have only been with him for a couple of months. There is a metatrader 5. I took money quickly, there were no problems. A lot of good tools.


19/09/2019 Reply

In the first month I earned 8.9% with ACB. I think it's good to start. I received money quickly, as for me they are good!


13/09/2019 Reply

For 5 months, my income is $ 3,500. I trade in my free time on vacation, on a business trip. Very comfortably.


30/08/2019 Reply

There are delays, but this rarely happens. Sell little, the average income of 10-12%


12/08/2019 Reply

I do not know much about investing, it is difficult for me to predict the market. I trusted the expert and, thanks to ACB, I received a little less than $ 1,000 for the month.

Freddy Trader

02/08/2019 Reply

SUGGEST !!! it sucks. I transferred my funds through a bank transfer, and the money appeared on the account quickly, after two days. And when I ordered the withdrawal of funds, I waited 3 fucking weeks !! what is wrong with the conclusions? What has changed since the deposit? Yes! they just don't want to pay! they say this is a bank problem. but how can this be if I use the same bank details? WTF???


01/07/2019 Reply

very slow broker. I wrote that I want to withdraw money, but they only reject my request. their support always gives an inaccurate explanation of my problem.


21/06/2019 Reply

They are the best in investment advisory. Act systemically, accurately and efficiently


07/06/2019 Reply

No great things. If we’re talking about the competence of this organization’ consultants, no one cares for the client’s problems. Tech support is no better, no matter what they turn to, they never really solve anything.

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