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The investment supermarket ACB (Investment supermarket Asset capital business inc. ACB) is the entry point to the vast universe of finance, which presents the best offers from prime brokers and the best quotes of liquidity providers. This convenience, time saving and the most favorable terms of trade, available from anywhere in the world.

The essence of the investment supermarket ACB (ACB service)

Choosing a broker is a difficult task. Some, for example, provide excellent quotes or terms of commission and calculation, but do not have the necessary range of tools for the trader. If earlier it was necessary to monitor brokers and look for suitable options, then thanks to ACB you no longer have to spend time on these actions.

ACB asset capital

The ACB investment service combines the best deals on the market and gives them access to customers regardless of the country in which they are located and live. Service partners are the largest liquidity providers worldwide who never set such prices directly to retail customers. Thus, access to them you get exclusively through ACB.

Because the ACB service provides the necessary volume to its counterparties, they, in turn, offer the most favorable conditions to the service clients.

ACB is an opportunity to work with premium liquidity now from anywhere in the world, not limited by the size of the deposit.

What are the possibilities of an ACB user?

Acb service – a wide range of trading opportunities:

  • Best asset quotes.
  • Flexible margin and leverage settings.
  • Own analytical platform and the most profitable offers of analytical services.
  • MT5 platform, adapted for users of Windows, iOs, Android.
  • Services-assistants for investors, including social trading, personal consultations with experts, portfolio investment, consulting.
  • Analytics and training.
  • Ability to purchase all of the above services remotely.

ACB benefits:

  • Immediate registration of personal account and account through the site under the offer agreement. Convenient and simple interface.
  • Immediate execution of a transaction. Through the built-in One-Click Trading service, opening a transaction takes place in one click.
  • One single commission for using the service in the amount of 10 USD per 1 trading lot. Charged directly at the time of the transaction.
  • No fees and charges when opening and closing an account.
  • Deposit and withdrawal without commission.
  • The fee for the use and maintenance of the account is not charged.

ACB asset capital-site

The interaction of users of the service with ACB partners occurs directly through the investment supermarket, which reduces to zero the risk of a conflict of interest – a frequent phenomenon during direct contact between the broker and the client.

With ACB, trading will be more convenient and affordable.


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05/11/2019 Reply

For a year of work, I reached a stable income of 1.5-2000 dollars a month. I think it's great. This is my extra income!


24/10/2019 Reply

Stability in everything. It's about ACb


19/10/2019 Reply

that’s pretty enough for me to work with. it’s nt that i think i’s terrible or smth like that, but there’s just a prblem with feedback from platorm. it takes really long to tke out your money, so be prepared, ok


16/10/2019 Reply

They do not have MT4. I love this platform, but otherwise satisfied with everything


27/09/2019 Reply

It is difficult to evaluate the broker, because I have only been with him for a couple of months. There is a metatrader 5. I took money quickly, there were no problems. A lot of good tools.


19/09/2019 Reply

In the first month I earned 8.9% with ACB. I think it's good to start. I received money quickly, as for me they are good!


13/09/2019 Reply

For 5 months, my income is $ 3,500. I trade in my free time on vacation, on a business trip. Very comfortably.


30/08/2019 Reply

There are delays, but this rarely happens. Sell little, the average income of 10-12%


12/08/2019 Reply

I do not know much about investing, it is difficult for me to predict the market. I trusted the expert and, thanks to ACB, I received a little less than $ 1,000 for the month.

Freddy Trader

02/08/2019 Reply

SUGGEST !!! it sucks. I transferred my funds through a bank transfer, and the money appeared on the account quickly, after two days. And when I ordered the withdrawal of funds, I waited 3 fucking weeks !! what is wrong with the conclusions? What has changed since the deposit? Yes! they just don't want to pay! they say this is a bank problem. but how can this be if I use the same bank details? WTF???


01/07/2019 Reply

very slow broker. I wrote that I want to withdraw money, but they only reject my request. their support always gives an inaccurate explanation of my problem.


21/06/2019 Reply

They are the best in investment advisory. Act systemically, accurately and efficiently


07/06/2019 Reply

No great things. If we’re talking about the competence of this organization’ consultants, no one cares for the client’s problems. Tech support is no better, no matter what they turn to, they never really solve anything.

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