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The platform offers two type of account: Barchart Trader Delayed at 79 USD per month and Barchart Trader Real-time at 129 USD per month.

Barchart is a financial and analytical portal for traders.


Key Features

Traders can work the markets of energy, metals, indices, currency or grain. With a single click, they can switch between the standard chart screen and the chart trading screen that allows sending exchange orders directly from the chart of the selected asset. The open positions can be tracked in real time right on the chart, and traders can use over 100 indicators for analysis and system trading sending out all types of orders.

Barchart Trader has a simple configuration of the workplace on the screen. To make a new workplace configuration, customers fill it with the tools they need and place them inside this field, moving them to the right place and position.

Traders can use a demo version to study or develop trading strategies, deepening their knowledge and trading experience without risking their investment capital. This demo platform has all the necessary settings and capabilities so that a user can grow professionally as a trader and investor.


All futures spreads that are available on the exchange, including calendar spreads, bullish and bearish spreads can be easily tracked. Spread matrix provides quick access to calendar spreads in the form of a table that will include all months of expiration. Now traders can open and close spreads with one entry. Each exchange spread that is possible to trade in this way has its own quote. Customers can use the contract search function to find all the stock spreads that are currently supported for a current form of trading. Reporting on the flow of orders in real time or trading history is available in the Time&Sale module.

Barchart Trader provides reliable and extensive access to historical information from the stock exchange, including intraday intervals and information on the end of the trading session. In a few seconds this data can be exported to Excel or another analysis program. Sound and visual tools enable to get information about the market movement without wasting time to sit continuously at the screen of the monitor. Traders can modify your criteria for different accounts, type of orders, prices, times and size of the volume. Market opinions are based on short, medium and long-term indicators, including the intersection of sliding and oscillators and their comparison at different time intervals. Dow Jones news, corporate press releases, and reports can be scanned and delivered to the screen of the terminal in real time by simply pressing a button on the keyboard.

For those who trade grain, there is information on the state and humidity of the earth, the days of sowing and harvesting grain, freezing on the soil surface and the strength of the wind in different regions.


Barchart is also available for mobile phones or tablet PCs. The mobile version of the platform gives an access to real market quotes, news, analytics, and direct trading and position management.


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15/06/2020 Reply

Not a bad broker, as I see it now. Heard a lot about their instant withdrawal (for several minutes). Tested myself. The amount is small, like 50 bucks. Took like 40 minutes or something. Nothing to do with instant withdrawal but still pretty good, I guess.


17/03/2020 Reply

Didn’t regret quitting. The reason I leaved it – problems with reaching the tech support. I had an issue regarding contacting the broker and asked the stuff to fix it or at least give me contact info in order to talk via e-mail or sth like that… but no reaction. Thanks, “great” support!


21/01/2020 Reply

Now my family has gone astray due to forex trading. This is a serious injury for the whole family. Do not trust these scammers, because of them you risk being left without all the honestly earned money. Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap.


28/09/2019 Reply

Cannot repeat asking myself why in the world did I decide to invest smth here. All the deals failed, the leftovers became into nothing – blank account, and no answer from support centre why did the other money disappear. Appaling, don’t even go ther


13/09/2019 Reply

You read the news of this broker and it seems that traders do not have life, but raspberries. But this Sharashkin office can’t even set up the normal operation of the terminal. Constantly catching plums due to its glitches

Adrian N

17/07/2019 Reply

I wish these guys to go to court soon! These guys take money from our accounts without permission, it's terrible to conclude from March. I'm still waiting for my money without a profit - 3k when we ask for something, always with a lot of liars.

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