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Capital is an ECN broker owned by Varalen Capital Markets LLC, registered at 30 Wall Street, New York, USA. Committed to delivering excellent investment & trading experience, Capital Markets provides customers with direct access to the Forex and international financial markets. Affordable trading conditions, a decent array of tradable elements, cutting-edge trading software, and professional expertise in managing financial portfolios are the biggest appeal behind Capital Market Broker.

The Essence of Capital Markets Broker

Capital Markets is an ECN broker. What does it mean? ECN is an abbreviation of Electronic Communication Network. An ECN broker is a broker firm whose trading platform is connected to the network of international banks or liquidity providers. Such a broker ensures that all traders’ orders go immediately to the market, without involving the intermediary of third parties.

Capital Markets Broker’s website is definitely made to provide both non-professional traders and Forex veterans with everything they need for fruitful trading sessions. Fundamental and technical analysis, insightful expert reviews, educational materials, real-time quotes refreshing every 5 seconds, and economic & holiday calendars are what their site is filled with.

The broker allows for trading on:

  • 77 currency pairs
  • Metals
  • Raw commodities
  • Indices
  • Over 3000 CFDs

The broker does not support cryptocurrency trading. However, this is hardly their disadvantage since Bitcoin, Ethereum and other of their kind are on a bad streak nowadays.

What sets Varalen Capital Markets LLC ECN Broker apart from other Forex brokerages is that it leverages MetaTrader 5 as their software engine. It is the foremost trading terminal in use for today. This platform can be accessed via any browser, be it desktop or mobile. MT5 boasts the next functionality:

  • Work on different markets including Forex, Stock, Futures
  • 5 types of orders
  • MQL5 programming language allowing for automated trading
  • Demo account
  • Social trading (copy deal feature)
  • Expert advisory and professional portfolio management
  • Broad analytical instruments:

– 21 timeframes
– 39 graphical objects
– 38 technical indicators
– 4 scaling modes
– 17 styles of displaying custom indicators

As for payment methods, Broker Capital supports only Visa, MasterCard, and Tether. Payouts on bank cards incur a 3% fee. There are also limits on fund transfers – no more than $5,000 USD per withdrawal.

Capital Markets Broker Quick Facts

Minimal deposit is 300 USD.

Maximal leverage is 1:500

Margin call level is 20%

Commissions are Forex -7.5 USD/1 Lot, Commodities – 7.5 USD/1 Lot, CFD 0 USD


On the surface, everything is good with Capital Markets:

  • They have a thoroughly thought-out website.
  • They utilize best-in-class trading terminal MT5 with a trial account option (which is untypical for unregulated Forex brokers).
  • Social trading feature enables inexperienced traders to conclude profitable deals.
  • Their website provides enough tutorial materials and analytical information.
  • Their trading conditions are very competitive.

Nevertheless, it is users and clients who can tell for sure whether it is a trustworthy company in the Forex brokerage industry. If you used to be or are currently a client of broker Capital, please, share your experience and comment on this article because your opinion helps others to take the right decision! Do not forget to add this article to your browser bookmarks because information on it will be continuously enriched with real-user reviews.



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11/09/2019 Reply

They know what a trader needs. There is everything, and in different variants – currencies, shares of stocks, materials… It’s great, as I don’t have to trade via different platforms. I’ve got accustomed to its conditions, circumstances, even the support services, despite the fact that I seldom apply to its help.


10/08/2019 Reply

Indexes, currency pairs, oil, metals – there is everything, but I prefer contract for difference. Even though, stocks are the most risky asset. But it is interesting for me to trade them. My experience lets me predict the market changes successfully.


22/07/2019 Reply

It’s a good broker. It punctually carries out all its obligations. But I’d like to tell about another thing – money withdrawal. There were no delays, no confusions with sums, cards, wallets and other aspects. There are few methods of withdrawal, but they’re most palatable. Traders can select different bank cards and the platform of Tether. The second variant is just super, only in dollar equivalent. It’s free of charge. All the information on the website is valid, i.e. the order completion period, the commission fees, etc. Everything is true-to-fact. You can believe what you’re said and trade patiently. You’ll surely get what you earn ))


17/06/2019 Reply

Advisory services are offered here. The help of analysts is very useful and professional. They look with favour on traders, explain unclear issues, and offer effective recommendations.


05/06/2019 Reply

Constantly prompt and specific position opening is quite a unique thing. I feel relaxed with this broker. No technical issues and errors. The results of trading depend entirely on the trader’s experience and the strategy he’s selected.


27/05/2019 Reply

It’s quite predictable that there is МТ5. Without this terminal, it would be impossible to trade, in my opinion. There are special resources for mirror trading, for instance, but the single-purpose way of operation limits users’ opportunities to a great extent. The terminal of MetaTrader offers social trading (yes, it has no additional options, but I don’t need them actually), a perfect set of analytical tools, and many instruments for technical analysis. I can’t figure out better software for these purposes and I don’t think we need a wider choice of terminals. It's all smoke and mirrors. One terminal is enough. But it must be the best of the best, just like here.


13/05/2019 Reply

I do enjoy that they offer me to use Tether. This service has a number of advantages in addition to the instant and commission-free money withdrawal. It’s like a virtual bridge, operating on the basis of international standards and connecting fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. It’s a safe platform without any major issues body and with stable quotations; this is why here you can not only withdraw your money, but also convert it on a favorable rate. The safety of funds and operations is provided by the technology of blockchain.


13/04/2019 Reply

Decent broker. The offer is the same, as the ones provided by all other high-quality stock service providers. There is the whole set of assets. You can deal with securities, indexes, raw products in the form of oil, gas, and metals, as well as currency pairs. The technical issues are resolved quietly and quickly. The only thing that might stop you from working in this website is its language. I have no problems with English, I speak it fluently. But as for my friend, who doesn’t know the language, he had to refuse from trading here, as there are no translations on this platform. I feel nervous when I have to reflect on every phrase. The trade in question is a powerful lot of money. If I’m not mistaken, they also offer a Chinese version of the platform, which is obviously aimed at native speakers. Very few Russian traders can boast having such knowledge and skills.


23/03/2019 Reply

Everyone here praises the company. I don’t understand why. It’s an average ECN broker with the standard service package. Well, yes. They are convenient, the commission is low, but this platform is by no means one of a kind. I wouldn’t place it above others, really.


10/03/2019 Reply

On friend’s advice. At first, I felt skeptical. I was quite satisfied with the previous broker, but my fried insisted that I should try this one. So, I’ve worked with this platform for more than a year. Here, the trading conditions are better than anywhere else; this is why I’m still here. And everything is okay.


28/02/2019 Reply

Good stuff! The broker is a big player in the Forex space because it partners with major world banks which quote them prices! This makes the broker’s spreads most competitive even when events are rocking the market!


25/02/2019 Reply

Good set of trading instruments. Although there isn’t all that one can require for profitable trading, I’ve been using the platform for quite a long time; I prefer American market indexes. With this asset, 80% of my transactions are successful. Just on the principle of Pareto.


19/01/2019 Reply

The broker’s spreads are among the most competitive on the Internet and can be both fixed and variable. Another beauty behind this broker is the variety of orders supported including Stop Loss, Trailing Stops, Market orders, and some others. They also utilize the best-in-class trading platform stuffed with all functionality to build charts and forecast market behavior.


14/01/2019 Reply

It’s great that the system provides free access to the contracts for difference and the indices – I trade them. American market seems to me more profitable. I especially prefer the brands, which create the trends in the Global Exchanges.


04/01/2019 Reply

You should fully understand that no one broker is perfect, but this one, however, is one of the better companies over the Internet. People adore criticizing online brokers and always have bad arguments to say. But I don’t waste my time on criticizing – I’d better spend it on trading and generating income – surely, with exactly this company, as I’ve been doing for more than 3 years already!


10/12/2018 Reply

If you have a lot of free time to surf the Internet, then this is the ideal type of income. The first time will not turn right, you need to be patient. Here I quickly figured out the subtleties, and for more than a year now I enjoy trading..


04/12/2018 Reply

It’s pleasure to know that al traders dealing with this broker can take advantage of their extensive range of tradable elements including traditional currency pairs and CFDs as well as non-traditional soft commodities like sugar, coffee, and cereals.


20/11/2018 Reply

I set up the platform for myself - quickly and conveniently. Not to say that this is the best broker, I have been trading here for the last couple of months, only good responses so far


15/11/2018 Reply

Found a broker on the recommendations of friends. Obviously not for amateurs. A bunch of different pairs, financial instruments, good conditions for transactions. It's great that the quotes are quickly updated - on the stock exchange it is worth a lot. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to penetrate into analytics.

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