Dukascopy is a Swiss broker offering a wide range of trading opportunities. With this platform, you can vend on MetaTrader 4, invest in more than 50 currency pairs, and study commerce at different seminars and webinars.

Dukascopy is a popular Forex broker, focused, first of all, on active, ambitious dealers with far-reaching plans. The platform provides over 50 currency pairs, contracts for differences, and precious metals for people to invest in. It welcomes the users, who want to vend on MetaTrader 4, SWFX mobile, and JForex, which are known as the most promising trading systems.

The official office of Dukascopy is located in Switzerland. The system is regulated by ARIF. Being a Swiss company, it possesses a banking license and guarantees the highest level of safety and security for every client. Besides, the customers of this ecosystem note that they are offered all sorts of trading tools, from calendars and charts to market research instruments, signals, and calculators.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Platform

What is good about Dukascopy? Users distinguish quite an impressive list of its advantages:

  • The system is available for both desktop trading and mobile devices;
  • It works with Java, JForex, iPhone/iPad, as well as MetaTrader 4;
  • You can open an account in different currencies, including GBP, JPY, and CHF;
  • The broker opens access to the greatest pool of bank-to-bank spot Forex liquidity accessible to financial organizations only;
  • It provides the highest level of protection by means of PIN codes, fix IP-addresses, and case-sensitive passwords;
  • There are no requites on this website;
  • Users are offered a 10% equity bonus;
  • There are rebate links providing a 20% discount for the first month of trading;
  • Customer support works 24/6 with a personal manager for each client;
  • The system is available in several languages.

At the same time, some aspects of this broker seem to be less attractive:

  • It offers a limited number of deposit/withdrawal methods with only bank wire and cards available; users cannot add and withdraw their funds via internet wallets;
  • There is no data about the basic term-of-trades on the website, such as spreads, overnights, and commissions;
  • The initial deposit requirement is $5,000, which is an impracticable amount for beginners and smaller dealers.

What’s Special about Trading on Dukascopy?

In order to turn inexperienced users into prosperous dealers, the website conducts regular live seminars and webinars with the involvement of seasoned traders. Besides, people can get all the information they need in live chat and message boards, which are active from morning till night. There, you can also participate in different trading and non-trading competitions.

The spreads offered by Dukascopy are quite tight, and traders have to pay a commission amounting to $1.0 – $3.5 per the fully traded lot. Nevertheless, most users agree that it’s a fair payment for money safety and data security. Besides, everyone has an opportunity to earn points through the loyalty program and then exchange them for commission discounts.


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PRocco Pips

18/07/2019 Reply

Advantages of Dukas, that he is a resident of Switzerland, and is regulated. The address indicated is front office .. It offers a wide range of services, including various affiliate programs, which is very suitable for me. Many varied and quality support is provided. A well-made site with detailed information available. But, the lack of information about key trading conditions is a bit annoying ...


01/07/2019 Reply

Among the many forex trading platforms, Dukascopy Bank SA has demonstrated excellent work with the forex market. Friendly and fast support team, beautiful interface and easy for beginners. Profit was good. I am satisfied)))))))


09/01/2019 Reply

Hard to comment on good features, as there are too many of them,.. I likealmost everything including mobile access, fast and furious execution, easy settings and good support. Sure, I recommend your serfvice to my friends.


02/12/2018 Reply

For me, the most important parameters are rates and execution. Dukascopy is good at both. Cannot tell ya it’s a trader’s dream come true, as every platform has its own minuses, but it’s definitely better than the majority of compatibles. Good service for smart traders.


30/10/2018 Reply

After a couple of months of working with this broker I can say that I’m a lucky man to find him! It’s the best company I’ve ever come across! It’s a pity I had found no information on them earlier. Appreciate good spreads, wonderful support, and good bonuses. Highly recommended.

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