ETX Capital (Monecor (London) Limited)

A forex market broker provides an opportunity to work with binary options as well as markets. Since the ETX Capital broker is in trade for over a decade, it cannot be looked upon as a novice company. But still the company is not well known in the post-Soviet countries just of yet.

Trading Information and Terms

The broker provides its services on these conditions:

  • when working with BO – deposit from $ 100;
  • the bid begins with $ 10;
  • in addition to the traditional BO these options are available: touch, up / down, long term / short term.

The Forex spread depends on the asset category. For example, for currency pairs, the spread starts at 0.7 p (EUR / USD), for indices – at 1.0 p; the leverage level is up to 1: 200.

A demo account is available, although it is only valid for a limited period of time, only 14 days after the registration.

Over 50 currency pairs are available. And if we take into account stocks, commodities and indices, the number of instruments traded goes beyond 100.

In general, trading conditions at ETX Capital are not very different from those of their competitors. It is worth noting though, perhaps, that the deposit requirements for binary options are obviously inflated, since other brokers have long ago added the opportunity to try your strength with only $ 10.


Registration procedure is standard. You will need to provide sufficient answers to various questions, for example, where the source of your trading money, the expected turnover, the planned frequency of trading, etc.

Registration to a demo account is much less complicated.

The company offers its clients three trading platforms:

  1. ETX Trader Pro is introduces as the best choice for trading. The capability list is not bad, but MetaTrader4 is almost as good in every respect. The only unique thing is that ETX Trader Pro does not need to be installed on a PC, as it is a web application.
  2. MetaTrader4;
  3. another web application designed for working with binary options. Its functionality leaves much to be desired as the platform is only suitable for making deals.

A trader can have up to 3 accounts with the broker simultaneously. One for each of the platforms. But having multiple accounts of the same class is prohibited on pain of immediate blocking.

Business Training and Analytics

The ETX Capital website has a ‘Business Training’ section, where a client can find:

  • webinar schedule. Those are only available in English and Spanish. You can also sign up for a webinar on this page;
  • business training courses are also available. For the details enquire with the technical support. The course duration is 8 hours, they come for \ free for those customers who have opened a deposit of at least £ 1000;
  • seminars;
  • Road Shows are held regularly. At those affairs the company’s management stuff and analysts meet with company’s clients in various countries.

Some useful information for a beginner can be found in the corresponding sections. It will be useful for those who have just started and want to get more acquainted with the trading.

There are no analysts on the site at all. There is not even an ordinary calendar of latest economic events and indicators.

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