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FIBO Group is one of the oldest broker platforms for marginal Internet trading. The system offers 60 currency pairs, gold, futures, and other financial instruments to deal with, as well as 6 different account types.

Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group, known also as FIBO Group, is a trans-border organization, the history of which started in 1998. It was one of the first platforms designed to meet the needs of marginal Internet trading. The offices of the corporation are situated in Austria, Cyprus, Germany, China, and other countries.

The clients of this ecosystem are both individuals and institutions, interested in safe and successful merchandizing in different directions. It offers 60 currency pairs, precious metals, futures, stocks, and bonds, as well as the wide range of merchandizing instruments and analytical tools. The broker works with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, offering its customers as many as six commercial balance types.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The strongest sides of the solution are the following:

  • It is allowed to scalp on this website;
  • The users can deal with stocks on the American stock market;
  • Some account types are commission-free;
  • There are 60 currency pairs to buy and sell;
  • People can merchandise with cent accounts and NDD balances;
  • There is a free training section aimed at the beginners;
  • You can work with a broad range of money types, including GBP, BTC, and ETH;
  • The website works in 9 languages, such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic.

Despite all the above mentioned advantages, there are certain features that people find negative:

  • There is the so-called ‘commission for early withdrawal of money’ for the PAMM-accounts;
  • Only several pricing plans are commission-free; in other cases traders have to pay 0.003% from the total sum of a transaction;
  • The system doesn’t process pending orders.

Pricing Plans and Trading Opportunities

In the website of FIBO Group, you can select the following service plans:

MT4 Cent, aimed at the clients, who want to vend on MetaTrader 4. In this commercial balance, the minimum deposit amount is $0, the smallest lot is 0.01, and the spread starts from 0.6.

MT4 Fixed, offering the same trading platform, but different conditions. The technology of order execution is Market Maker, the smallest deposit is $300, and the number of Forex pairs reaches as many as 60.

MT4 NDD, the scheme with the smallest deposit of $300, the stop out level of 50%, and the commission of 0.003% from the total sum of the transaction. There is also the commercial balance MT4 NDD with no charges, but different trading opportunities.

cTrader,  an excellent variant for those who plan to merchandize on cTrader. The sum of contribution starts from $100 here, the commission is 0.003%, the leverage is 400, and the list of possible currencies for the account includes only USD and EUR.

MT5, one more fee-based pricing scheme with the smallest volume of deposit amounting to $500. The stop out level is 100%, the amount of currency pairs is 42, and the spread starts from 0.

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19/08/2019 Reply

I can recommend FIBO Group only for beginners - learn the basics of trading with a demo. Be careful about their spreads, often they become the reason for the loss of your entire deposit.

Fibo Group LTD

Min. deposit





up to 1:400

EURUSD spread

op to 0


MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, Ninja Trader, QST, MultiTerminal

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