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Your trading sessions cannot be profitable if you do not keep pace with the fast-changing global economics. Every trader needs a reputable source of the latest breaking news, market insights, and forecasts to make intelligent decisions. One of such sources is FX Empire.

What is FX Empire?

FX Empire is an information hub on a mission to provide traders and investors with the latest and reliable news on global financial markets and empower them to make data-driven trading decisions.

FX Empire - team

The content on this portal is presented with global quotes, charts, and news covering the main financial markets. The website also offers various trading tools, professional Forex market reviews, and market reports.

The FX Empire website contains an abundance of free information on the global market, trading tools, videos about the stock-exchange industry, as well as news reports. The website interface and financial reports can be automatically translated into 15 languages, including German, French, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, and Hebrew.

Online visitors can choose intraday, daily and weekly news and market analysis that are directly related to international markets. In addition, visitors can create their own hourly content.

Most materials are presented in a video format by the team of FX Empire analysts, while there are, also, lots of text articles and forecasts. The website also includes CFD and stockbroker sections, reviews of crypto wallets and crypto exchanges, as well as cryptocurrency news and charts, and any sort of other information which an active trader/investor may need prior to making a trade.

FX Empire Instruments and Services

The FX website contains:

  • Financial markets news and forecasts (Forex, commodities, crypto, stocks, indices)
  • Price charts
  • Versatile financial instruments (real-time prices, economic calendar, currency converter, different calculators like Fibonacci calculator, margin calculator, spread calculator to name a few)
  • Cryptocurrency hub (with an ability to buy crypto straight from the website)
  • Brokers reviews and comparisons
  • Education

On the website, you will also find a technical study in which each major asset is analyzed in the light of recent events with the use of technical analysis indicators. This is done to provide users with accurate trading signals in different time frames.

News and Analyses

Daily news and analysis of information are updated by a dedicated team of journalists and analysts. The team prepares fundamental and technical analyses for all major currencies, commodities, and indices. The website contains articles with information on currencies, commodities, economic events and news of the central banks. Users can enjoy for free educational materials and brokers reviews both in text and in video formats.

FX Empire.com is considered by most traders and investors as a reliable source of financial information.


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07/03/2020 Reply

Take better care of money. Yoyr money deserve much better usage than this parody on investing. I tried myself and after charging the account, right aftr it was banned without explanation! What kind of fair trade is it?!?!!!???!


27/10/2019 Reply

I have the same as other clients of this office. They can’t withdraw money, they also blocked the account. This is what financial slavery turns out


06/10/2019 Reply

When you look at the commentary section, expect more variety or honesty, but everythng is literally the same. As aresult, hey all put the general words in differnt order and with no objection for what, and more and more lose mney bcause of these “true” commentsx


24/07/2019 Reply

The broker brings me a good profit, I still remember that I made a profit even during the first cycle of trading on the platform, from about 20% to 35% of the amount of my deposit. But when it comes to withdrawing funds, keep the orcs .... This hassle begins ... I think they have to improve the withdrawal system so that everyone does not leave them


13/06/2019 Reply

The broker’s nice regulation gives me that essential portion of confidence which I need to trade heavily. The thing I like most is their fast lightening withdrawals. My funds drop to my Skrill wallet within mere hours! Keep this up, guys, we all love how you do it!


02/06/2019 Reply

Recommend for cooperation! I would like to add my own spoon of honey to this broker’s good. It may not be all perfection, but it is clear that the firm is a serious one and not a fly-by-night company. And they have an excellent customer service!

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