Kappa Brokers

Kappa Brokers is an innovative brokerage company that offers the most up-to-date technologies for private investors’ quick and easy access to foreign exchange, merchandise, commodity and stock markets.

Operating Peculiarities

The company provides a modern MT5 trading platform as well as an advanced technical base that provides uninterrupted access to successful trading operations. The Kappa Brokers specialists’ long-term experience in the financial sector guarantees brokerage services that meet high quality standards.

Through transparent policies and adherence to innovation, Kappa Brokers has earned trust of its traders.

Kappa Brokers strictly monitor the safety and security of funds invested by the company’s customers.

Here are terms offered by Kappa Brokers:

  • Segregation of customer and company funds;
  • Minimum deposit of $ 500;
  • Full investor’s control over his or her accounts;
  • Multiple accounts;
  • High security;
  • Experienced and highly professional stuff;
  • Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • Rapid transfer of orders;
  • 24/5 customer support service that is ready to provide assistance and answer any questions.

README! The client can receive a bonus by making a request in his or her Kappa Brokers personal account.

Analytics and Business Training

You can get to the ‘Training’ section on the Kappa Brokers website. The educational materials are not available there, but you can get a look at an overview article on the major provisions of stock and currency markets.

The following list of questions is covered:

  • macroeconomic aggregates;
  • factors determining the state financial market;
  • trade and production dynamics;
  • statistics and analysis;
  • inflationary pressures.

The article also takes into account issues of monetary regulation and analysis of fundamental market indicators. It describes the technical analysis of the Forex market and various factors affecting the price movement. On the kappabrokers.com website a terminological dictionary is also at the trader’s service.

Trade by traders is conducted through the terminal MT 5. Popular trading platform has advanced functionality. There is a complete list of graphical tools that allow for a complete technical analysis of the market. There are basic indicators and the ability to trade using robots. You can create templates containing a set of algorithmic market analysis tools and chart formatting. There is a web platform with identical functionality that allows you to open transactions and take profits directly in the browser.

Traders’ Reviews

Customers regularly leave their comments on Kappa Brokers operations, noting both positive and negative sides. Many traders praise the company for its individual approach and high development of personal strategies for each user. A user-friendly interface and favorable trading conditions are also frequently mentioned.

There are also negative reviews about the Kappa Brokers broker that show obvious problems with funds withdrawing for certain categories of clients. People do not particularly like the ‘Education’ section. Many are irritated by intrusive calls with urgent requests to replenish the deposit.

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