Having 20 offices in different countries, an extensive client-base of more than 320.000 clients, and a number of well-known partners, MultiBank proudly bears the title of one of the most trustworthy brokers in the world.

It features an impressive selection of assets, perfect set of mercantile instruments, good educational and training materials, and a variety of other hallmarks. In 2019, it became the “Best FX and CFD Broker” in European and Asian sectors.

Products and Platforms

MultiBank’s clients can sell and obtain assets via MT4. You can download it in three variants:

  1. “ECN Pro” — for those who need a free access to the world’s lowest spreads and best brokers.
  2. “Multibank Pro” — for users aimed at profitable merchandizing without serious investment liabilities.
  3. “Maximus” — without any abridgements in terms of Expert Advisers’ assistance and scalping.

The software is available for DT computers, laptops, and mobile devices. There is also an easy to navigate website.

With MultiBank, one can trade Forex, metals, shares, indices, and commodities. Social merchandizing is offered, too: you simply repeat the smartest schemes of other dealers or get profit when someone copies your own trade history. Thus, you can benefit from riskless commercial activity, verified by other clients of this broker.

Different Accounts — for Different Purposes

As distinguished from many other systems of the kind, MultiBank offers its customers several user account types:

Demo Page. It is free of charge; with a $50,000 on-screen balance. Users can merchandize in a real market circumstances from any device.

Demo Competition Profile. It will let you join MultiBank’s trading contestations, featuring tangible money prizes.

Live Account. Sign up, make your first deposit — and start dealing in the most convenient conditions.

The helpdesk managers work attentively and operatively — they respond to users’ claims and questions in a live chat and by phone. It is also interesting to note that the platform invites people to become its partners and affiliates. Besides, you can register as an introducing broker and use the help of MultiBank’s IB assistant.

This broker provides its client with an impressive choice of opportunities, for both digital commerce and self-development. Select what you want at the moment — and embrace all the potentialities of the platform.


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18/10/2020 Reply

I recommend to watch out – please, look carefully at the Terms of Agreement when signing up and where the sticks are put – in such way your personal info may be leaked and spread within unknown for you sources.


21/06/2020 Reply

Yes, I do have experience, and not one year. The experience here is mostly positive. But personally I do not particularly like the fact that a lot of people trade here. I guess it’s not a serious problem, but I just want to get a feeling that I’m one of 50 but not 100000 clients of broker, if u can understand what I mean here…

Min. deposit



Australian ASIC

EURUSD spread

0.1 - 1.5 pips



Year of foundation



the USA