NAGA Platform Honest Review

Need a community of like-minded fellows to make confident trading decisions? Consider NAGA, the social investing and trading platform to copy successful strategies and share your experience.

What is NAGA?

NAGA came to existence in 2015 as a FinTech company with a mission to revolutionize the world through decentralization of financial technology and let everyone access global financial markets. The company’s vision is to develop a sophisticated social trading/investing network to empower everyone to gain on speculation with currencies, commodities indices, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and even virtual goods (over 800 markets in total).

NAGA Platform

The company’s physical location is St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the establishment’s international business number is 24501 IBC 2018. The organization is allowed to provide brokerage, training, and managed account services.

As for compliance, NAGA claims to possess several licenses, but there is only one clearly visible on their website: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

However, NAGA partners with several prestigious and authoritative organizations including:

  • FOSUN Group, a China international conglomerate and investment company,
  • Deutsche Börse Group (the German Stock Exchange),
  • Hauck & Aufhaeuser, a large bank from Frankfurt.

In July 2017, NAGA was included in listings of Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The platform does not impose limits on crypto deposits or withdrawals – you are free to put in and redeem as much as you want. But fiat deposits start with just 1 EUR/USD and cannot be higher than 10.000 EUR/USD. Banking methods include:

  • Credit and debit cards (VISA, Maestro, MasterCard)
  • Bank transfers
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

What does NAGA do?

NAGA is essentially a trading platform giving you the opportunity to trade electronic and fiat currencies, CFDs, equities, future indexes, commodities, and even gaming items (no, we are not kidding on you).

But the main feature of NAGA is that it is a social platform, meaning it allows everyone to replicate trades of efficient NAGA traders. The system is very conscious about clients’ protection and offers a feature that manages risks and an AI-powered personal investment advisor to direct you.

While a copy-trade feature is designed rather for newbie traders who still do not have enough experience to trade fruitfully, seasoned NAGA users can earn even more by getting their trades copied. Every time your trade is repeated by other users, you will instantly receive a monetary reward that goes directly to your account balance.

Interactive News Feed is also a curious element of NAGA platform. It is a social network where you post your articles, forecasts, comments as well as learn from other users’ experiences and get the latest market news.

NAGA Platform

Another peculiarity of Naga is CYBO, a robot-advisor available on the dashboard. It can trade round the clock on your behalf based on your trading preferences.

To sum up, NAGA claims to offer the fastest order execution in the industry – less than 250 ms, thus, ensuring the best market price, available.

The platform is very interesting and has much to offer. Explore it yourself to see whether it suits your personal trading needs.


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29/06/2020 Reply

Made $ 2000 in 1.5 days and this crook traders with steep interest rates income DUMPED MY MONEY!! do Not get fooled by this disgusting Scam. There were 70 dollars left so I wanted to withdraw and it they say its necessary to conduct a verification of the documents which last for a million days!!


30/11/2019 Reply

The terminal hangs constantly. In the morning the news said that BRN oil was trading at 64.38, and here it was 63.3. I ask the analyst what is the matter? Expiration Day, says. Although the day of expiration was the day before yesterday. He says that we were rebuilt. And why are “rebuilding” minus 100 points not in favor of traders? In general, deceivers.

NAGA Platform Honest Review

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