Plus 500 is one of the most innovative platforms that introduced Bitcoin trading in 2015 and currently provides the whole range of convenient instruments in one place.

Convenience of use

Plus 500 broker was established in 2009, and has offices in the UK, Cyprus, and South Africa. By 2014, it reached $1 bln market cap, and still stays among market leaders. Plus 500 reviews about Plus 500 broker praise it for numerous payment methods:

  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • Credit/debit cards;
  • Wire transfer.

It works without mediators and was enlisted in Alternative Investment Market and LSE. Plus 500 would rather be suitable for experienced traders: it provides over 2,000 options of transactions, including precious metals, oil, virtual and fiat currencies.

Plus 500 broker


There are both official website and mobile application available. The app is compatible with all smartphones (iOS and Android), but it can be found in Plus 500 store only. Users can create Standard or Gold personal account: they differ by the turnover volume. Account status can be changed within 5 minutes – the customer support should be contacted to do it.

Unlike scam websites, it has a lot of security guarantees:

  1. Plus 500 uses only its own funds to perform risk hedging – clients’ money isn’t involved.
  2. Plus 500 doesn’t have any corporate or national debts.
  3. It doesn’t invest the funds of private clients.
  4. Customers’ funds aren’t handled by hedging operations agents.
  5. Clients’ money is stored on the generated bank account according to requirements and regulations of Financial Services Authority.

Plus 500 is a good solution for those who need a customizable Forex platform: aside from a myriad of options, it boasts the system of notifications about prices via SMS or email, and provides a lot of infographics (the user is free to choose a suitable form of data displaying). There are a handful of risk management tools, too: Close at Profit, Close at Loss, Guaranteed Stop, and Price Alerts. Therefore, a trader can keep tabs on the ever-changing market without any efforts.


Is it profitable for a trader?

As for withdrawal commissions and spreads, Plus 500 has quite agreeable rates:

Gold (XAU)0,03%
ASX 2000,01%
USO Oil Fund (ETF)0,29%
UK 1000,01%
Brent Oil0,04%

Despite its technical superiority, Plus500 isn’t devoid of disadvantages. First, numerous customer reviews prove that FAQ section lacks some essential information and is hard to find. Plus 500 does not teach trading, so it’s not an option for starters (however, there’s a demo-account available). MetaTrader platform isn’t supported – that’s typical for a bucket shop.

Is Plus 500 a fraud? The website complies with international and local regulations. However, there are still a few negative reviews about Plus 500: people claim that the procedure of withdrawal is too complicated, and as soon as they manage to make some profit, the website freezes their funds without reason. Only real user reviews about Plus 500 broker will help to make the right decision.


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