QBFIN is a Russian asset management company, allowing to invest in portfolios or different assets. It offers its services to both private or corporate clients. The company is regulated by the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets.

Conditions and instruments

There is no information about conditions on the official website of the company as it offers no trading opportunities for its customers. For example, you can’t find anything about the minimum deposit, leverage and all those features that may be interesting for you if you are going to speculate currencies or CFDs.

On the other hand, you are allowed to open a personal investment account here, which is available since 2015. According to the information that you can find on the official website, the company’s total amount of investments for this account type is more than 7 billion roubles.

There are a couple of preset solutions with the return of 8-9% and 20-25%. Investors are also welcomed to use a special investment calculator helping them to estimate their eventual return on investments. The main advantage of the QBFIN’s investment account is that you can choose one of several strategies available to increase your chances to succeed.

As for funding, only banking cards and wire transfer is allowed. There are no electronic payment methods or cryptocurrency available.

qbfin broker

Trading platforms

Being an investment company, QBFIN offers no trading platforms for customers. It is to mention that even personal investments are guided by the company’s professionals. They help you to create portfolios doing the majority of tasks on their own.

Research and training

There is no education program at all. QBFIN’s main task is to manage your investments and portfolios. It means that you don’t need to do anything on your own. This is why there is nothing to learn from on their webpages. As for the analytics, QBFIN offers its market reviews and the most interesting news.

You won’t find any demo account here. There is nothing to practice as there is no trading platform at all. This is normal for this kind of investing company.

QBFIN pros and cons

The customers of this company may benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Management of portfolios.
  2. High-quality research.
  3. Ready-made strategies that they may use for their personal investment accounts.
  4. Asset and portfolio management features.

As for the disadvantages, they are the following:

  1. No training at all
  2. No platform for use
  3. No English version

qbfin broker site

The website is modern and is constantly updating. However, there is only the Russian version. QBFIN’s official web page has easy navigation and a user-friendly interface.


If you input something like “QBFIN testimonials” in Google, you will find nothing as the company is not popular among English speaking investors. However there many reviews in Russian. They are mixed including both positive and negative experiences. If you have had already the chance to work with the company please, leave a comment about your own experience.

Final thoughts

QBFIN is an investment company whose main purpose is to provide asset and portfolio management services to both private and corporate clients. The website contains many strategies that you will be offered once you create an account with them and start investing.


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22/06/2020 Reply

Whats reallycool about this broker is that the contract is always clear, and it gives calmness. Fast transactions, with no delays and any confusions… The support is not quite fast and eager to work, but it’s not a real problem.


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