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TD Ameritrade has one of the best reputations in the business world. Customers like the broker for its reliable strategies, excellent information and analytical support that allows making profit.

Accounts and Commissions

In addition to currency trading, TD Ameritrade also supports additional Forex tools, such as options and futures for various pairs, as well as the US Dollar index.

TD Ameritrade commissions for currency trading vary depending on which tariff a trader choose: free from fees, available as a separate FX contract, or tariff with fees charged by the platform each time  a trader sends an order for execution. The tariffs are as follows: 3.50 USD for futures, 3 USD for options, and 9.99 USD for stocks.

Trading Platforms

Thinkorswim is an innovative trading platform for professional traders with advanced analytical resources to generate ideas and effectively implement strategies.

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The platform is equipped with powerful research tools, including a selection of screeners such as Stock Hacker, as well as real-time CNBC news channels. A detailed economic calendar and fundamental analysis tools are also available providing traders with diverse tools for market research.

The interface consists of several tabs located at the top: Monitor, Trade, Analyze, Scan, Marketwatch, Charts, Tools and Help. By clicking on the Charts tab, a trader will see a layout of several windows that can be modified using the side buttons. The graphics are very versatile. Traders can use traditional bars, lines and candles to analyze charts. The graphics can be color-coded with other windows. This is useful when switching between different stocks on multiple timeframes. It also contains lots of technical studies and indicators. They are categorized, such as momentum, moving average, trend studies, and specific individual studies from reputable analysts.

The platform has pre-programmed watch lists with the most profitable and unprofitable assets, new highs and lows and stocks traded at given volumes and price levels.

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The platform also has watch list windows in which traders add stocks that are interesting for them and link them with their schedules. Watchlist settings are configured the same way as most items on this platform.

The broker has an extensive library of videos and tools to help the beginner get started faster. Interactive courses are very useful for independent traders, allowing them to get all the tips and methods necessary for normal work with the platform.


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15/03/2021 Reply

At first it was pretty decend, I was monitoring the situation with the deal, when suddenly prevention settings didnt work, money were lost, and broker just disappeared. And the moment I tried to reach the tech support, guess what? MY ACCOUNT DISAPPEARED FROM THEIR DATABASE, SO I HAD NO RIGHT TO ADRESS TO THEM. And what should I do next?!


14/03/2020 Reply

Scammers deserve their Oscar! Artists of the year, congrats! I started my first deals, earned enough to feel comfortable for the next 3 months and… they told me that I need to handle them 70% of earnings and told that tHEy HaVe waRnED aBoUt iT. Bravo! Bring their “Best actors” award and GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!


10/01/2020 Reply

Do not be fooled! Every person working there is interested in your loss! They are all in share. Protect yourself from fraud and do not listen to their promises of breathtaking success. This is just a trick.


22/09/2019 Reply

After convinces in ‘fully fair deals’ from broker I expected something really good, right. What do I see? Complete fail, no reaction from responsible faces, lost for nothing money and lessom for life – don’t give your money in other’s hands, ‘cause no guarantee you’ll see them again


10/09/2019 Reply

I'm already tired of dealing with this company. I want to withdraw money, but in return they come up with all sorts of crap. Then they completely blocked access to a personal account. I want to warn the others, look for alternative options. This broker will only ruin you.


28/07/2019 Reply

I will continue to work with them, he is the best. They are very transparent. The news on their website is very helpful to me.

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