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Warrior Trading is one of the most popular communities for investors and traders. The service is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. On the main page of the website, there is a small questionnaire that allows customers to assess their experience. Upon completion, the system determines the level of knowledge and selects the appropriate training course.

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Learning Courses

The Warrior Trading team includes three moderators. The website provides for the opportunity to work with a demo simulator allowing everyone to try trading with 100,000 USD of virtual funds. This approach allows beginners to gain confidence, to explore various methods and signals without risks. Today the Warrior Trading community exceeds 500,000 traders, 5,000 of them have premium accounts.

The training course is available on both PC and mobile devices. A total of three levels of training are offered from 997 USD.

The Warrior Starter program is suitable for beginners and includes monthly chat access, a demo simulator and a basic Warrior Day trading Course. The Warrior Pro course includes everything that can be found in the Warrior Starter, with a three-month subscription and three-month access to weekly training. In addition to that, subscribers are provided with a proven Warrior Pro trading system, which includes intraday and swing trading systems. The cost is 4,299 USD. The program provides annual access to all of the above features. All subscribers get access to a specialized chat. It is recommended to start the site with a 90-day program to improve trading skills.

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Demo Simulator

The trading simulator helps users become even more disciplined. It is suitable for those who want to improve their results immediately before working in the market. The main goal of the demo account is to build the right strategy. It will be easier to switch to a real account in the future.

Trading simulator offers real-time graphics. It costs 99 USD per month, 249 USD per quarter, or 899 USD per year. This is a great opportunity for beginners to master trading without risking money. Many brokers provide a demo only for a certain time. Users can monitor their results and make the necessary edits without risks.

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The platform offers a large number of free blogs, podcasts, as well as one-day free access, allowing evaluating the work of the service even without a trial period. Moderators give comments and tips when the situation is not in favor of the trader. Those who understand such methods can manage their positions themselves to minimize losses. After the signals, surveys are usually conducted, and it becomes clear whether traders could make a profit. Leverage is effective for experienced traders, however, it is advisable for beginners to analyze it at first times.


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12/01/2020 Reply

When registering, carefully read all the clauses of the contract, do not rush. There are times when they can leave you without any profit for all the time you work with the company. Do not trust scammers.


15/12/2019 Reply

Forex scammers earn big money, not on professional trading activities, but on the organization of peculiar Forex scams. They earn on market users. Usually the whole truth about forex scammers do not say. Only when you encounter them you will learn about such a business yourself, but by this moment your funds have migrated to the deceiver's pocket.


26/09/2019 Reply

don’t ever think about trading at this place if you wanna keep money save. broker seems to be completely unprofessional and puts all the deals like “ok, it ll be that because I want this”. better think of other source of income


12/09/2019 Reply

Constantly open and close transactions for traders. It’s just pi. Some kind of mess is going on in this company, no one is responsible for anything, and traders suffer.

Don Hardy

24/07/2019 Reply

I have been trading through this broker for three years already. Everything suits me, they are now actively developing the direction with crypto-currencies. Other brokers do not interest me.

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