How to Make Money Trading Commodities

Unfortunately for most Forex traders, they tend to overlook an entire world of potential profit. After all, it’s not just the Euro, the British pound, the Japanese yen, or even the US dollar that people are trading. However, as Forex traders we have a unique insight as to what can move commodities, and most of …

Is Forex Trading a Scam?

After the financial crisis slightly more than a decade ago, there have been a lot of questions as to whether or not any type of investing or trading is truly profitable. Beyond that, if you try to explain to people that you “trade money”, then they are even more skeptical, because quite often it’s something …

The Difference Between ECN & Standard Account

One of the most basic questions when it comes to Forex trading is what type of broker to use. The answer of course will depend on your situation but let’s look at the main difference between an ECN and a standard account. ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network, simply meaning that computers are connected to …

Trading with Keltner Channels

The Keltner Channel is a lesser-known indicator but deserves a wider appreciation than it gets. It can be used to effectively identify either trending or ranging market conditions as well as good points for trade entries. In this article, you will see how the Keltner Channel indicator works and how it can best be used …

Forex Risk Warning

This is one of those articles that can cause a lot of discussion on the Internet. The reason for that is I will be discussing something that a lot of Forex traders don’t want to admit: Forex trading can be quite risky. I believe that is a situation that far too few traders pay attention …

The Top 10 Worst Traders (We All Know and Love)

The scandalous Rogue Trading style has its own legends and heroes. Those people we’ve selected, made it to the list because of their talent and confidence with which they flushed millions and billions of dollars down the drain. Causing massive crisis, job losses and even existence of century-old institutions. Nick Leeson Nick Leeson is a …

Oscar’s Grind Strategy for Binary Options

Binary options are classified as highly unpredictable, since they are based on the all-or-nothing principle. As a result many traders see it more like gambling than actual trading.

20 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions of 2019

Marketing software is radical to be had for every ambitious business. The answer to “Why?” is simple: it saves time/money, provides accurate monitoring and brings higher conversion.

Influence of cryptocurrencies on the world market

Up to the latest time the situation with cryptocurrencies and their rates didn’t influence the financial markets and the real economics significantly.

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