DFSA (stands for the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority) was founded in 2003 for the major task of enabling favorable conditions for the investment sector in Denmark that will provide each participant company the utmost feature transparency for smooth implementation of collaborative engagement for its clients and partners.

Host of DFSA Regulator Functions:


On the DFSA official website, you can look through a list of financial companies licensed by the Danish regulator, as well as a black list of unscrupulous companies that have violated their obligations to customers or conducted business in Denmark illegally.

Since Denmark is a member of the EU, it is also subject to the requirements of the MiFID Directive, therefore, financial companies operating in Denmark are expected to comply with all the requirements of this legislation. Thus, state aid, cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Denmark, as well as compliance with the requirements of the MiFID Directive, make DFSA a reliable regulator in the field of financial markets.

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