EU economy for the year 2018 – a record for the last 10 years


Trade war with the USA, the distrust of the partner countries, the skeptics do not interfere with the expectations of the EU’s economy to grow. With indicators rolled over limit point every year. This threatens the worldwide changes in both economic peace and financial terms. Read more in the article.

In the beginning of 2018, Eurostat revealed the value of GDP of the EU countries. All 28 participants of the “grown up” by 2.7%. In the Eurozone, they reached 1.9%. Over the last ten years were the best achievements.

Digital economy “in the face”: EU wins “economic games” with neighbors

Contrary to the expectations of the EU, economy for 2018 beats records. Despite US threats, figures continue to grow. Expectations and projections Eurostat departments are divided on the global realities of Statistics. The last 8 months Germany draws on himself the whole EU. Against this background, the entire market shows a positive trend. Hens from the Bloomberg says, “The business environment improved due to the threat of sanctions.”

According to the Russian analyst Belov duties on steel and aluminum from the EU – just dust for the Germans. They pull the whole economy. For 2018, as noted by the expert, the United States draws capital, takes direct investment from the European Union.

Impact on the economy factor sociological perspective. Suffering economic, financial and social facets of the participating countries: in the macro-economy are concerned, only 16% of the EU population. Unemployment due to the migrants concerned 13% of the population.

The climate change direction – was up to 12% of respondents. The rest decided not to answer. The situation is bad in Poland, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. There, the economy falls apart rapidly. Despite this, Germany will continue to “pull” up indicators. She saves the place of the Union in world domination.

Then the “adventure” of political space caught off-guard members of the EU. Germany slowed economic growth by 3% at the end of 2017.

In the US, they exported goods for 0.3% of quarterly GDP today. This is a big breakthrough. It has destroyed the US in global GDP terms. Soon the Germans will focus on the US market. Then begins the battle for economic freedom, because the EU will not allow, “live” on foreign territory without the support. A cooperating market at home means to control other people’s strength.

While Britain remains a member of the EU, it is impossible to predict their support for the remaining members of the Union. Brexit does not affect the EU economy. In 2018, there was the problem of the collapse of the German-British relations.

Digitalization of Germany – is at the highest level. She showed how to enter marketing into economic relations with her neighbors. Framework conditions fiscal policy remain unchanged. What do you think, whether the United States will prevent the UK to impose standards of economic relations? Share your views in the comments.

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