BoE has a neutral bias in policy  - Carney

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was speaking at a press conference following the BoE decision to leave policy unchanged.

Main remarks of Carney speech:

  • Households have looked through Brexit uncertainties
  • August stimulus measures are working
  • Business investment are somewhat less soft than expected
  • Inflation expectations have picke up notably
  • MPC is monitoring closely the development of inflation expectations
  • No change to assumptions of type of Brexit
  • BoE has a neutral bias in policy
  • BoE is not indifferent to exchange rate, but we don’t target it
  • Exchange rate moves have been driven by the market's view on Brexit
  • BOE cannot influence the market's perception of UK Brexit prospects
  • Main reason for fall in pound is judgements about the real economy in the market
  • BoE can deal with political uncertainty
  • Prime Minister supports monetary policy framework
  • BoE will respond to fiscal policy if/when it changes

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