EUR/CHF further rangebound likely – Danske Bank

Jens Pedersen, Senior Analyst at Danske Bank, sees the cross extending its consolidative theme for the time being.

Key Quotes

EUR/CHF has been trading in the 1.08-1.09 range over the summer as the SNB has capped CHF appreciation via FX interventions”.

“We expect the SNB to remain active in the FX market and still expect EUR/CHF to remain range bound in the coming months, targeting the cross at 1.09 in 1M and 3M”.

“Longer term, we continue to expect fundamentals to support a higher EUR/CHF and keep our 6M and 12M forecasts unchanged at 1.12 and 1.15, respectively”.


    1. R3 1.0921
    2. R2 1.0909
    3. R1 1.0889
  1. PP 1.0877
    1. S1 1.0858
    2. S2 1.0846
    3. S3 1.0826


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