Markets overnight: risk-off turn on FBI – ANZ

Analysts at ANZ noted that markets took a risk-off turn following news that the FBI reopened the probe against Hillary Clinton 11 days before the US presidential election.

Key Quotes:

"The move was most pronounced in USD/MXN, which jumped about 2%. US equities gave up daily gains, JPY rallied, front end yields fell, gold rose, and oil dropped. US equities were led higher during the NY morning session on the back of the firmer headline US GDP data, but turned on the Hillary Clinton news, with the S&P 500 closing down 0.3%. European bourses were mixed.

The USD fell against the majors with EUR (0.8%) and JPY (0.6%) notable movers, while the USD gained against emerging markets. The 2 year US treasury rallied 3bps, while the long end was unchanged. The European periphery markets saw yields continue to climb higher, while in Germany and France long end yields came in 2-3bps. Oil fell around 2% on news that OPEC had not reached a final deal on production."

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