MiFID stands for the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, which is a special directive on financial markets signed into power in euro-zone countries. The UK exchange-traded body also participates in the program.

The Basic Premise

This directive is a part of a larger EU system designed to integrate local market into a single effectively regulated environment. The objectives and targets of the directive converge to protection of the rights of all the participants and providing of the most convenient conditions of employment on European financial markets.

Without a doubt MiFID is an essential detail in the enormous mechanism created for the single purpose of smooth conduction of market regulations. And that scheme also takes into account all global financial standards and regulatory rules. Immediately after the introduction of the directive, the EU markets became increasingly attractive for investors, and thus the security services fee has proportionally decreased. All market participants receive legal protection now, and it only encourages them to interact more actively.

MiFID stands for the obvious principle that transparency of financial transactions creates a strong market and its steady and sure development is especially attractive to the investors.

The MiFID directive regulates the activities of



MiFID requirements for subsidiary companies are the following:

  1. The related companies are obliged to divide customers into certain categories in order to select the best services for each customer. This mechanism also helps to provide high-grade investment security.
  2. Companies have to provide the most accurate updates of their trading conditions.
  3. All the telephone conversations with the customers have to be taped for at least five years. And when requested should be provided unconstrained.
  4. The related companies must have sufficient funds to pay the mandatory contributions promptly.

It is unquestionable that the MiFID has positively affected financial activities in the EU market and financial sector and established highly efficient and fairly regulated economic relations between marketeers. Those who managed to obtain the license can rest assured that they will be highly popular with clients.

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