Andy Krieger

Andy Krieger joined Banker’s Trust in 1986 after leaving a position at Salomon Brothers. He acquired an immediate reputation as a successful trader, and the company rewarded him by increasing his capital limit to $700 million, significantly more than the standard $50 million limit. This bankroll put him in a perfect position to profit from the Oct. 19, 1987 crash known now as Black Monday.

Krieger focused on the New Zealand dollar (NZD), which he believed was vulnerable to short selling as part of a worldwide panic in financial assets. He applied the extraordinary leverage of 400:1 to his already high trading limit, acquiring a short position bigger than the New Zealand money supply. As a result of this trade, he netted $300 million in profits for his employer.

The following year, he left the company with a reported $3 million in his pocket from the trade.


Stanley Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller grew up in a middle-class suburban Philadelphia family and began his financial career in 1977 as a management trainee at a Pittsburgh bank.6 7 He quickly rose to success and formed his company, Duquesne Capital Management, four years later. Druckenmiller then successfully managed money for George Soros for several years in his role as the lead portfolio manager for the Quantum Fund between 1989 and 2000.8

Druckenmiller also worked with Soros on the notorious Bank of England trade, which launched his rise to stardom. His fame intensified when he was featured in the best-selling book, The New Market Wizards, published in 1992.9 After surviving the 2008 economic collapse, he closed his hedge fund, admitting he was worn down by the constant need to maintain his successful track record


George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 and began his financial career at Singer and Friedlander in London after escaping Nazi-occupied Hungary during World War II.1 He worked at a series of financial firms until he established Soros Fund Management in 1970.2 The firm has reportedly gone on to generate more than $40 billion in profits in the last five decades.

He rose to international fame in 1992 as the trader who broke the Bank of England, netting a profit of $1 billion after short-selling a reported $10 billion in British pound sterling (GBP).3 On Sept. 16, 1992, the U.K. withdrew the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism after failing to maintain the required trading band due to Soros’ trade, solidifying a day known as Black Wednesday in history.4

This incredible trade is a highlight of his career and cemented his title of one of the top traders of all time. Soros is currently one of the 200 wealthiest individuals in the world.


Alexandr Gerchik

Alexandr Gerchik’s story is a story about persistence. With nothing but cook’s degree and weak English skills he managed to become one of the most successful Wall Street daytraders.

Alexandr Gerchik is a ‘Russian legend’ of the American daytrading. Over the course of past 9 years he has never had a negative profit in the Forex market, which earned him the status of the safest exchange trader that ever existed.

His biography is quite unusual:

He was born and raised in Odessa where he studied cooking.

When he turned 22 he moved to America, where he worked as a taxi driver for about 3 years. He often gave a ride to rich brokers and investors from Wall Street, whose conversations sparked in him an interest for trading.

In 1996 he finished 4 months long trading courses and got a job in Worldco company. At first things were going well, but then he wasted a large amount of money over the course of 3 weeks.He got depressed, but a couple of months later he managed to come back with the followingmotto: “Learn how not to lose, and you will start winning”.

In 2003 he became the manager of daytrading firm Hold Brothers;

In 2006 Gerchik’s strategy was regarded as the safest one from 2000 strategies presented by daytraders from all around the world. In the same year he participated in the Wall Street Warriors TV show.

He never had a single lossmaking day since 2009. Thanks to that, Gerchik’s method is used by thousands of young stock market players.

Nowadays he runs several dealing centers, makes business on NYSE, Moscow and London stock markets and has his own YouTube channel. He wrote a number of books, the most popular among which are ‘Stock Exchange for Blondes’ for beginners, and autobiographic ‘The Exchange Grail or the Adventures of Pinocchio the Trader’. He actively lectures and coaches.


Alexander Rezvyakov

Alexander’s story of success is rather trivial. He graduated from a university, started a business and ended up bankrupt, worked for a wage and searched for ways to make money on the Internet. As a result, he made a fortune by trading futures.

Nowadays Rezvyakov is one the wealthiest traders on the Russian market. What’s interesting, he trades with nothing but PTC futures and completely ignores other financial instruments.

In 1998 he achieved a degree in economics. However, he clearly understood that none of the available jobs was able to fully reveal his potential and bring the level of income he always dreamt about.

That’s why he founded his own organization in 1999. He chose a hot and profitable area of activity, namely the personal computers sales. Unfortunately, despite his degree in economics, he lost his business and was forced to work as an employed person.

In 2002 he worked as an economist in Moscow and was looking for a way to use his skills on the Internet.

He started trading on the Moscow stock exchange and the Forts market in 2004. He discovers himself as a very talented trader and earns his first million in no time. However, the money did not bring him joy since he had to work for 14-16 hours a day to monitor trends.

In 2006 he becomes a minimalist and a downshifter and abandons everything except for trading with futures which brought him the most profit.

In 2007 he travels around the world, gets a pilot license and is engaged in diving.

Today, Alexander Rezvyakov is an important figure in the Forts market, and his strategy is sought-for by many traders. He lectures and coaches, and his students appreciate his simple and cool-headed approach which guarantees high return rates.


Alexander Elder

To date, Alexander Elder is mostly known as an American stock exchange trader and an author of several books. However, it’s rarely mentioned that his main field of activity is medicine, where he is quite successful as well: his clinic is functioning and has a good reputation in the US.

Alexander was born in Leningrad, but shortly after his family moved to Estonia, where he lived all his childhood and youth. He entered the Tallin University of Medicine and upon graduation he applied for a job on a ship to attend sailors.

In 1974 ended up in Africa, where he asked the American Embassy to give him political asylum. Shortly after he was secretly brought to New York.

In 1976 he founded his own mental clinic.

In 1978 he opened a new firm called Financial Trading Seminars, which specialized in stock exchange trade coaching and investment consulting. The Russian immigrant himself was an amateur trader and acted only as a manager of the trading school.

Over the years, Alexander has lost millions of dollars due to ill-considered investment strategies, but every time he returned to his main job in the clinic and after a while came back to trading with new funds and new ideas.

At the present time he is regarded as one of the most respected consultors and coaches in the USA, Europe, Asia and Russia. He wrote more then a dozen books. The most popular bestseller among them is called “How to Play and Win on the Stock Exchange” with 12 million copiesprinted in many languages.


Roman Vishnevsky

Roman Vishnevsky – is the most modest trader-millionaire from Russia. He doesn’t advertise his lectures and doesn’t write books. However, Roman is 33 years old and he already owns a hedge fund and is a co-founder of a major trading organization, United Traders. United Traders’ news portal is widely known among traders all over the world.

He was born in Cheboksary, but he spent most of his childhood in Germany where his parents worked. Upon his return home he moved to Moscow and entered the HSE School of Finance.

Vishnevsky’s first trading experience was quite eventful: at first he raised the starting capital that parents gave him by 30%, and then he completely wasted it due to hasty decisions and a lack of proper experience.

For a short period of time he worked for the Canadian dealing center on the remote basis. Roman never mentioned the name of this center.

In 2009 Roman and his partners founded United Traders. The firm became a rallying point for the most experienced traders in Russia. To get a job in United Traders you had to deposit $5000 and trade for 30 days in a row without any losses. The person who passed the test received a couple millions of dollars to further hone their skills.

In the same year he founded Kvadrat SPC – a UT-compatible hedge fund.

Nowadays Roman is the leader of a successful youth community. He also started the UTChallenge, that allows novice traders can learn scalping and become part of the professional team in case of good results.


Larry Williams

Larry Williams is a trader with a pretty mundane biography. However, he managed to achieve the highest return rates in the world. At the Robbins World Cup in 1984 he managed to raise his starting deposit for 11000%. In 1994 he repeated his feat and earned 1 million dollars with a starting deposit of 50,000 dollars.

Larry was born in an ordinary American family. He had a penchant for writing, and therefore he entered the Faculty of Journalism at the local university.

For a long time he worked as a financial reporter in a small New York newspaper. He often had to deal with analytical data, which sparked interest in finance in him.

He studied trading by reading books in the State Library of Oregon. In addition, he used his position to meet with well-known investors and consult with them about certain unclear and difficult to understand moments.

He traded on NYSE, and in 1996 he started teaching. Williams is an author of a large number of books, including Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading and Secrets of the Futures Market.

Larry Williams contributed to the development of day trading. Also, he created a theory about how the season and day of the week can influence stock markets. He developed some indices, most of which is still used on the modern trading platforms, namely Ultimate Oscillator, R% andСОТ, and proved the practical effectiveness of high leverage levels.


Michael Marcus

Michael Marcus was in born in 1956 in an ordinary American family and always wanted to get an academic degree and a good job. After the graduation from the Hopkins University he entered a PhD programme in order to become a PhD in Psychology. He got involved in trading by a chance: his friend offered him financial services and brought him to the Reynolds Securities’ office.

However, his career began literally with every mistake a trader can make. His entrusted his money to the fraudster, and his first deposit ($1000) was lost without any profits. After that, Marcus became the broker himself and started playing his own game.

Soon after that he spent all remaining money on contracts for corn. A large portion of that year’sharvest was destroyed by grasshoppers, and prices for corn were higher than ever. Thanks to that, Marcus managed to multiply his capital by 10 times. However, next year he invested in corn again and lost about 90% of the profits he received last year.

In 1971 he moved to New York, where he met Ed Seykota and became a member of the expert group that tested new strategies of trading in trends. Since the trend for plywood prices steadilygrew, Marcus bought a large amount of futures for plywood. He turned out to be right – in 6 months the price for plywood has doubled.

Unfortunately, before long the state price adjustment led him to yet another failure. Michael became bankrupt and was forced to work as an ordinary analyst in Shearson. For a whole year he saved money to try to gain a foothold in the stock market once again.

After that Marcus drastically changed his method. He meticulously worked out every step he made. With the opening of the Forex market he began to trade in currency alongside trading infutures and kept an eye on the latest trends. In a couple of years he became a millionaire, but that was not enough for him. He also began to trade stocks and lecture to novice traders. Nowadays he is regarded as the most educated trader in the world due to his unmatched financial expertise.