Victor Sperandeo

Financial hardship in Victor Sperandeo’s family forced him to start working right after finishing the school. He had a great interest in finance, so he decided to work on Wall Street. His first job was the quotation coordinator, and then he worked as a statistician for a small salary. All he had to do was rewrite the stock prices, which was incredibly tedious for a highly energetic young man. To no surprise, before long he was fired for endless mistakes and laziness.

However, a newfound freedom only heightened his interest in finance, and shortly after he started working for a small broker for a measured day rate. He realized that his salary dependssolely on his skills, so he began to study trading and very soon was paid $50,000 a month. More than that, all of this happened during the Great Depression in 1969.

In 1971 Sperandeo opened his first company – Ragnar Options. Accessibility of the new investment plans and low commissions were a huge hit, and before long the company became the most profitable binary options broker in the world.

In 1978 Ragnar Options merged with another dealing center, and the trader started working for Interstate Securities;

In 1986 Sperandeo changed the field of work for one more time and found a management company, which made him one of the most profitable traders in New York.

Sperandeo’s biography shows that even a person without a proper education can achieve great results and become a pioneer in finance. His 1-2-3 trend change method is still used by many dealers all over the world, and his books are translated into 24 languages.

Unlike many traders, Bertrand Russell never had any financial issues – he was born in the family of the English earl in 1872. By this time gambling at the London stock exchange became a long-standing family tradition, and trading skills were passed from father to son. However, extraordinary smart Bertrand managed to create his own successful strategies.

Earl Russell’s life was quite eventful: sociologist and philosopher by education, he is an author of numerous works on anarchism and communism. For a short period of time he lived in Russia and lectured in Moscow.

After graduation from the Faculty of Mathematics Cambridge he made a number of important breakthroughs in geometry and economics. After that he moved to Chine where he lectured at the Peking University.

From 1920 to 1950 he made several large discoveries in the field of economy. Namely, the main trading instruments he used were precious metals and futures for Brent oil.

He was a pioneer of a logical approach to the market analysis and created a theory of geometric figures in the price chart analysis.

In addition, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950!

Being an extraordinary and many-sided man, Bertrand Russell somehow managed to walk a line between science and trading, which made him a very influential political figure in Europe. His views were supported by millions of people.

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