What ideal broker looks like?


Ask this question to 10 professional traders, and you will get 10 different answers: Some say, that high leverage level is mandatory for high profits, others say that you don’t need any leverage at all; Some traders value market execution more than everything, others believe in the importance of instant execution; Some people prefer floating spreads, while others choose higher, yet fixed rates of interest; In addition, personal preferences in terms of trading platforms may differ too.

That is why only 2 factors really matter in Forex market: broker’s trustworthiness and your personal preferences. A broker can be evaluated by possession of a license and customer reviews. However, your peculiar preferences may prevent you from making your first deposit even after considering dozens of offers and hundreds of dealing centers.

Our ranking of Forex dealers is designed for a quick and easy-to-use search: Simply input the required parameters and you will get a list of dealing centers that match your preferences; If you are a beginning broker and you don’t really know what you are looking for, you can always ask our experts for help; The most important feature of a good broker is his trustworthiness. That’s why our rankings are based on detailed analysis of trading platforms, reviews and ratings by traders with different level of competence and expertise; Our rankings are the easiest way to find the best broker for profitable trading!

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