Darwinex is an online broker which was established in 2012 in the UK. It’s become well-known worldwide quickly, and these days traders who live in more than 80 countries use this platform daily. More than 40 employees who are professionals in the finance industry work for darwinex.

Trading conditions

There are all trading conditions of darwinex on the website:

  • Minimal deposit is $500 (there is no commission on deposits);
  • The minimum trading volume is 0,01;
  • The leverage is from 1:20 to 1:200 (it assigns for each trading pair or tool and changes periodically);
  • The minimum spread is from 0 to 0,25 pips;
  • Commission is $2,5 for each trade.

Saying about making a deposit it’s significant to mention that a transfer will be rejected by the company if the bank account is opened not for the user’s name. Darwinex cooperates with several British banks where a trader can transfer money. These are:

  • Banc Sabadell London;
  • Santanger UK;
  • NatWest.

The conditions for transferring money are the same. Users are allowed to send sums only to their personal profiles.

The advantages of the company

According to the statistics, there are more than 3000 traders who work with darwinex. There are several reasons why users choose this company to make a fortune. The most significant vantages are:

  • The possibility of choosing the best trading tool out of dozens options. Users can start trading with trading pairs, metals and cryptocurrencies.
  • Different giveaways and bonuses. This trading company doesn’t provide new users with welcoming bonuses. However, sometimes it sends them during some promotional campaigns. Furthermore, there is a giveaway which takes place every month. Winners will receive €4 million (the sum is divided into 48 pieces between all winners).
  • Education. Darwinex provides users with different educational videos and webinars which are conducted by professional traders. During the session people can ask experts questions. Moreover, there are some articles about trading processes which will be helpful for each level.
  • The company has a regulator. It got the certificate by the FCA in 2014.

It is also essential to mention that the company works with the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4. It is available for different operating systems and can be installed on Windows and macOS. Moreover, there is an app for your mobile phone. This program has the same features as a conventional version.


Darwinex is an online broker working for 7 years. Since 2012 it’s got mostly positive reviews. Traders mention that it’s easy to use because of a modern platform. Moreover, it’s available for newcomers because there are lots of video lessons and a demo account.
However, there are also some negative reviews where are written about a small number of options for withdrawing of funds and a bad communication with managers.

To sum up, darwinex is a great choice for those traders who want their money to be safe. Having a registrar it protects deposits and allows to open demo accounts.


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18/03/2020 Reply

Run away or lose money. I became suspicious from the first request to keep my deposit no frames no less that 500 dollars, when the introduction list claimed I’d need ten times less to perform operations. Checked the reviews after – and that’s it – people lost thousands and thousands after keeping up to these standards. Disgusting policy and greedy losers behind that scheme


02/02/2020 Reply

First, they lure your money, then skillfully drain the deposit. After asking to replenish an even larger amount to recover losses. Be careful not to mess with scammers. Only lose your time and money.


14/12/2019 Reply

Around are full of articles on the safety of working with forex. In fact, a golem fooling. After registration, they begin to openly lick you, calling to deposit as much money as possible. They will talk with you every day talking about possible chances until the moment you request a withdrawal of earnings. Then everything changes dramatically. Feedback is zero, money is zero


10/10/2019 Reply

I arrived by appointment, we discussed with my lawyer my problem in advance. He reported that 4 offices deployed me, he said to drive up. We met, talked for an hour, and he also said that the case was not jurisdictional !!!! And what did he listen to when I told him that they refused me 4 times before him? And how can there be a situation that is not subject to trial? You see no evidence. And it is difficult to prove the embezzlement of the deposit, is it my fault that the broker’s platform was sinking? What should I do now? How to return the money that I stole ????


09/10/2019 Reply

but I see nothing good or bad at it – just a common place of broker’s union. Some of they might help you, some let you down, and ofcrs it’s complete lottery. I only have complains to techcenter – slow replies don’t add some reputation points, y’know

Min. deposit



1:20 to 1:200

Clients in the USA



MetaTrader 4

Year of foundation